Song of My Past

by Slow Lorry

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i took a look around me
inside an old library
when i was very young
and though i hadn't read it all
i knew that someone's said it all already
so i cut out my tongue

a priest began to tell me
of heaven and of hell, he
led me to his bench
he spoke of sin and heathens
of jesus, cut and beaten
i left and dug a trench

i fell in with a maiden
who offered me salvation
she recognized my bruise
my soul was stray and shaken
we faced each other, naked
she sighed and dressed my wounds

a judge sent me to prison
as part of a tradition
of torturing my wits
i asked the guard of my cage if
he fancied our arrangement
he didn't, so we quit

my mother called me over
and wept into my shoulder
"my son," she choked, "i've lied!"
i did what i could to save her
i smiled and forgave her
but never asked her why


released July 10, 2015




Slow Lorry Crete, Greece

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