Red​-​Collared Dog

by Slow Lorry

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True story.

* * *


he'll stalk you in your sleep
he'll kill five of your sheep
the shepherds want to hunt him down
but boy does that dog get around
red-collared dog

i've heard of maddened mountain lions
and hot-headed hogs
but ain't none killed a sheep as dead
as that red-collard dog
red-collared dog

the shepherds with their splintered sticks
the shepherds want to beat him
but that dog would not be killing sheep
if somebody would feed him
red-collared dog

the shepherds say that he's no good
just bad as he can be
but any who's a friend of linda
well he's a friend of me
red-collared dog

the shepherds fire shotgun rounds
as he bounds into the fog
just another day of cat-and-mouse
for that red-collared dog
red-collared dog

if we all eat our just desserts
and find our pastries peppered
then dogs kill sheep, and shepherds dogs
and sheep will eat the shepherd
red-collared dog

but everybody kills a sheep
with their fork and knife and dollar
so everybody gather round
and put on your red collar
red-collared dog

if one morn you chance to catch him
moving through the fog
then drop your stones and toss your shotguns
hold your tongue and keep your socks on
('member that this ain't no foxhunt)
count your sheep and curb your losses
just pause and thank your lucky dachshunds
for the day you first lay paws on
that red-collared dog
red-collared dog
red-collared dog
red-collared dog


released May 8, 2015




Slow Lorry Crete, Greece

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